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Things to be considered before you buy a rental property

23, Aug, 2017

In India people consider various factors before actually they rent a house. From facilities to neighborhood everything is cross checked. Remember that landlord will get the accurate rent only if they fulfill major requirements of the person paying for it. And if you are planning to purchase a rental property it will more profitable if one consider some major factors. 

Purchasing the correct rental properties is a challenge in itself; however the demonstration of being a landowner is by a wide margin the hardest part. In any case, owning rental properties can be the way to a lot of benefit and money related flexibility on the off chance that you do things the correct path from the beginning or possibly gain from your missteps along the route. You can’t purchase only any property and transform it into a rental in the event that you need to profit. You need to purchase houses beneath market value with extraordinary income to be a fruitful rental property owner.

From the underlying decision, to settling the buy of your first rental house as a speculation, there’s a lot of planning and work included. You ought to start chasing for your rental speculation property with an impartial approach, to the territories and the majority of the properties in your investment range.

Things you ought to consider when hunting down the correct rental property


The nature of the area in which you purchase will impact both the sorts of tenants you pull in and how frequently you confront emptiness. For instance, in the event that you purchase in an area near a college, the odds are that your pool of potential inhabitants will be for the most part comprised of students and that you will confront an unoccupied room on a genuinely general premise that is amid summer, when students tend to return back home.


Check the neighborhood for parks, gyms, shopping malls, film theaters, public transportation centers and the various advantages that draw in tenants.

Property tax

Property taxes aren’t standard no matter how you look at it and as a speculator proposing to procure cash from the lease, you ought to think about the amount you should spend, as duties.

Set guidelines and stick to them

Setting firm standard rules is the most ideal approach to let tenants realize that the guidelines matter, and that there are results in late lease payment, damages, or whatever else. Screen your tenants precisely and watch out for your property at all circumstances.


No one needs to live nearby in an area having criminal activities. Go to the police or general society library for exact wrongdoing measurements for different neighborhoods, as opposed to asking the property holder who is planning to dispose of the house to you.


Your tenants might have or wanting to have kids, so they will require a place close to a decent school. When you have found a decent property close to a school, you will need to check the nature of the school as this can influence the estimation of your venture. In the event that the school has a poor notoriety, costs will reflect your property’s estimated inadequately.

Job Market

Locations with growing employment opportunities tend to attract more people – meaning more tenants. If you notice an announcement for a new major company moving to the area, you can rest assured that workers will flock to the area. However, this may cause house prices to react (either negatively or positively) depending on the corporation moving in. The fallback point here is that if you would like the new corporation in your backyard, your renters probably will too.

Building Permits and Future Development

The municipal planning department will have information on all the new development that is coming or has been zoned into the area. If there are many new condos, business parks or malls going up in your area, it is probably a good growth area. However, watch out for new developments that could hurt the price of surrounding properties by, for example, causing the loss of an activity-friendly green space. The additional condos and/or new housing could also provide competition for your renters, so be aware of that possibility.

Do your research well and guarantee that you have your funds set up, if and when a decent choice comes up. Keep in mind, real estate investing does not start with acquiring a rental property, it begins with making the accounts where you can buy a rental house.

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