DLF Towers Jasola

DLF Towers Jasola

Office/Space 1145-3234 Sq.Ft 1.89 Cr
The DLF Towers at Jasolain the part of South Delhi is being constructed in a wide range of about 3.18 acres of area. This area has a proper and perfect landmark land which will comprise two superposable towers with a ramped up space of 77108 sq mats which comes approximately for both retail and commercial and private sector activities. This creative and Magnificent interiors which are designed have coupled with a large profit, which will enhance the flora of the complex. This is Marked by extensive interior whichever-cut entrances and exits, the apperprofit, which towers will confine a large open plaza that promises to impregnate the complex with unique ambience and vitality
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DLF Towers Jasola


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