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Prop frill welcomes all the house hunters and property dealers for exquisite services that will meet your needs. India is a country that has diversity in every sphere of its population and demography. With the boom in the real estate sector it becomes difficult to tap articulate properties and buyers; the realters, developers, brokers and buyers are in a toss to find a suitable match. I hope you are worried about the heck or the perspiration that is been vested in finding a residency or a buyer. Forget your worries; Prop frill is your one point solution. Incept all your stress on us and we will act as your stress-buster. At Prop frill networking lives its true meaning as we bring together all diverse realtors (builders, developers, brokers & dealers) as well as prospective buyers on the common platform of World Wide Web to connect with each other easily. We offer highly user friendly interface where sellers can list their properties without following any complicated process and buyers can search properties precisely with just one click. Our online real estate services are the most refined services offering wide variety of properties in Delhi & NCR to serve your preferences & pocket your needs.

Property either takes the form of housing or commercial place with two motives either utility or investment. Prop frill serves both the motives. We understand the association of possession as it is the companion of good as well as hard times. It is the precious thread that makes you identical in the society defining your future and lifestyle.

Prop frill to take one step towards the infrastructural development of the country by bridging the gap between the property buyers and the property developers. Our vision is to create an enriched platform that will act as a boon to the realtors and resident hunters. We have been one of the most unique and leading property portals that is renowned for its authentic leads. We have served innumerable people since our inception.

Prop frill is a synonym to your property needs! Home and Happiness together!


  • 20 Nov


    अब प्रॉपर्टी को मिलेगी डिजिटल पहचान मोदी सरकार का नया फार्मूला ।

    नई दिल्लीः जल्द ही सभी अपनी प्रॉपर्टी की लोकेशन मैप पर देख सकेंगे। जल्द सरकार इसके लिए डिजीटल मैप लाने जा रही है। इसके लिए सरकार ने दिल्ली और नोएडा में पायलट प्रोजैक्ट शुरू भी कर दिए हैं।

    अब सम्पत्ति की लोकेशन की डिजीटल पहचान बनाई जाएगी और सरकार लोकेशन को डिजीटल टैग करेगी। डाक विभाग ने पायलट प्रोजैक्ट की शुरूआत भी कर दी है। इसके तहत हर सम्पत्ति क... Read More...

  • 18 Nov


    आम आदमी को मकान खरीदने की राहत मोदी कैबिनेट ने लिया अहम् फैसला ।

    नई दिल्ली: केंद्रीय कैबिनेट ने शहरों में घर खरीदने की चाहत रखने वालों को होम लोन में बड़ी राहत दी है। प्रधानमंत्री आवास योजना (शहरी) के तहत होम लोन पर मिलने वाली क्रैडिट लिंक सबसिडी स्कीम के अधीन बनाए जाने वाले घरों का दायरा बढ़ा दिया गया है। 
    मिडल इन्कम ग्रुप यानी कि मध्यम आय वर्ग (कैटेगरी-1) में शामिल लोगों को मिलने वाले होम ल... Read More...

  • 14 Nov


    मोदी सरकार करेगी बेनामी संपत्ति पर वार, टेक्नोलॉजी से होगी छानबीन ।

    भोपालः नोटबंदी और जी.एस.टी. के बाद मोदी सरकार का अगला निशाना बेनामी संपत्ति है। बेनामी संपत्ति की जांच के लिए आयकर विभाग पहली बार इसरो की मदद लेगा। इस मुहिम में देश की अन्य जांच एजेंसियों की मदद भी ली जाएगी। सेंट्रल बोर्ड ऑफ डायरेक्ट टैक्स (सी.बी.डी.टी.) ने यह प्रयोग गुजरात और राजस्थान में कराया, जिसके अच्छे नतीजे निकले। अब मध्यप्रदेश-छत्तीसगढ़ में भी 'आसमानी ... Read More...


  • 23 Nov


    Home Buyers are opting for ready projects for major reasons

    People who are looking to buy a home are now more than ready to purchase properties on an immediate basis rather than wait for construction to be completed. There are many reasons for buyers to look for properties that are ready to move in or OC ready in today’s market environment and we came across some of the most commom reasons.

    Posted by : Satish Singh

  • 16 Nov


    Check these things in your rent agreement before you sign

    Rent clause 
    The first thing to check is the rent you will pay and and the increment clause. If no hike is mentioned in the document and the owner decides to increase it a few months down the line, it will be easy to confront him.  There is usually a 10% rental rise after a year, and you need to be clear that this is listed or i... Read More...
    Posted by : Satish Singh


  • 06 Nov


    GST and RERA in transition to streamline real estate

    The transition of the real estate sector to the new business environment after the implementation of Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act and the Goods and Services Tax is expected to last a bit longer as the industry per the present market scenario. For buyers, it’s the right time to go for a property. The prospects for the business are brighter as... Read More...
    Company : propfrill   Posted by : Satish Singh

  • 08 Sep


    Affordable Housing A house for everyone

    Affordable housing refers to housing units that are affordable by that section of society whose income is below the median household income. Disposable income of the people remains the primary factor in determining the affordability. As a result, it becomes the increased responsibility of the government to cater to the rising demand for affordable housing. The Go... Read More...
    Company : PropFrill   Posted by : Satish Singh

  • 22 Jul


    RERA and GST a great combo for real estate

    The real estate sector, that until now was dis-organised, will be regulated with the Real Estate Regulation and Development Act 2016 (RERA) and GST. The customer will be more protected and greater transparency within thesector will be visible when the govt through ... Read More...
    Company : PROP FRILL   Posted by : Satish Singh

  • 14 Jul


    Property scenario in Noida Sector 150 is buzzing with activity

    Despite the ups and downs within the realty section over the last 2 years, Noida is one amongst the few cities to beat this slump. Most visible growth is going on here around greater Noida West and Noida expressway. The property state of affairs in Sector 150 is buzzing ... Read More...
    Company : PROP FRILL   Posted by : Satish Singh

  • 04 Jul


    YAMUNA EXPRESSWAY Right time to invest in property

    YAMUNA EXPRESSWAY offers large land parcels, as expected it is acting as a magnet for real estate development projects. With land availability in Noida becoming limited, this stretch acting as the next node for large-scale developments such as integrated townships and logistics and warehousing hubs. The appreciation is likely to show an upward trend here, though the other established residential c... Read More...
    Company : PROP FRILL   Posted by : Satish Singh
  • 24 Jun


    GST Influencing Indian Market

    With the implementation of GST various services has been influenced in Indian market. No doubt it’s impacting businesses both in positive and negative manner. The present structure of Indirect Taxes is very complex in India. Businesses currently have to undergo VAT registration from the state’s sales tax department to start on their own. It’s difficult to get a VAT for every state since each one h... Read More...
    Company : PROP FRILL   Posted by : Satish Singh
  • 14 Jun



    With rising demand for homes in NCR region developers are coming up with latest technology, advanced health care facilities, reputed educational institutions, and many other amenities within easy reach in most affordable budget ever. Noida emerging as a major hub for various structural and infrastructural developments, the real estate sector of the area is slowly picking up and going to be a boomi... Read More...
    Company : PROP FRILL   Posted by : Satish Singh
  • 02 Jun


    How Jewar International Airport Affect Real Estate Market In Noida

    A well organized transportation system in a city helps it grow in all aspects. The upcoming Jewar Airport in Greater Noida will boost the city’s growth in the long run. This project is also expected to help the corporate sector prosper in the city. The Civil Aviation Ministry has recently approved a new airport in Jewar. This place is situated along the popular Yamuna Expressway connecting Agra an... Read More...
    Company : PROP FRILL   Posted by : Satish Singh
  • 30 May


    Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) –A new revolution in Real Estate Market

    With rise in demand for property the Real estate sector is getting expensive in Delhi NCR, but under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY), people aiming to buy an affordable home for Rs 20 Lakh may finally do so – and that too for a 2BHK house. The current loan limit for this scheme, restricted to people belonging to the economically weaker sections (EWS) and lower income groups (LIG), is Rs 6 lakh. ... Read More...
    Company : PROP FRILL   Posted by : Satish Singh
  • 27 May


    RERA Impact A rising competition in Real Estate market

    With RERA in effect there will be a high impact on on-going projects if they are included. There will be a lot of confusion which will not only delay projects but will also lead to creation of lot of issues. Any law should be applied prospectively and not retrospectively. Too many projects at various stages will be impacted and there could be a major upheaval in the market if not addressed appropr... Read More...
    Company : PROP FRILL   Posted by : Satish Singh
  • 25 May


    GST on Real Estate A Boon or A Bane

    With the introduction of Goods and Services Tax (GST) for various goods, India is now one step closer to becoming a unified tax market. However, while the impact of GST on various sectors and goods is now known, industry experts are still divided over how GST will impact real estate going ahead as the details for the tax slabs for services is still awaited. GST, which has been one of the longest a... Read More...
    Company : PROP FRILL   Posted by : Satish Singh
  • 22 May


    Impact of Land Pooling Policy on Real Estate in Delhi/NCR.

    The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has given green signal to the Land Pooling Policy in Delhi and with this implementation the working of real estate market will change in Delhi/NCR. Delhi Development Authority plans to develop 20,000 hectares in Dwarka in southwest Delhi, Rohini and Narela in the northwest as smart cities equipped with uninterrupted power, water and wi-fi connectivity. But the... Read More...
    Company : PROP FRILL   Posted by : Satish Singh
  • 13 May


    Palm Residency

    PALM RESIDENCY is an elegant luxury project in Faridabad (NCR) at an affordable price. Located at 180ft. Wide Sector Road in Sector 75 - 76 of Faridabad (NCR).The Project is going to be handled by Ras Developments (P) Ltd. That's enables the residents to live in the heart of the city, close to the corporate hubs, shopping malls and various other recreational joint. Home is a place for us t... Read More...
    Company : Finlace   Posted by : Moumita Chakraborty
  • 19 Jan


    Supertech Capetown to entice the residents of Noida

    Supertech Capetown gives World Class Luxury and aesthetic experience for those who are planning to inhabit in Noida. This project is spread over 50 sprawling acres and has been envisioned as a complete, self-contained campus area. Supertech has come up with the best of the facilities where every home is designed to the most demanding standards. Capetown is a premium residential apartment with tho... Read More...
    Company : IQ Setters   Posted by : Rumia Mukherjee
  • 19 Jan


    Make Rome your home!

    Supertech Romano is set to enhance your living standards. Get Roman style living at your footsteps, Romano is ready to dominate Greater Noida with its extravagant outlook. Roman arches, windows, domes, ceilings and more; complemented beautifully by all modern age amenities that you desire. This is a boulevard of your dreams that offers you spacious rooms heaped with modern amenities. It is spread ... Read More...
    Company : IQ Setters   Posted by : Hemant Singh
  • 19 Jan


    Give a pause to your search! Oxford Square is your dream livelihood

    Supertech is yet again back with its superior infrastructure focused at Noida. Oxford square is well placed under Supertech Ecovillage III that is set to give the residents an experience of a lifetime. It offers you a world class and independent living with spacious rooms and updated amenities. The sizes of the rooms are awesome as per its price. Supertech oxford offers you an exquisite price sta... Read More...
    Company : IQ Setters   Posted by : Mamta Pandey
  • 11 Jan


    Sports village is all set to reformulate your living

    Supertech Sports Village is an awe-inspiring creation of Supertech. It has redefined livelihood and has proven sophistication in its literal sense. It is a mammoth spread over 160 acres of land which is located in one of the fastest growing places ie. Noida. It is one of the largest residential townships that is set to dominate other residencies. It is best in class, amenities and ambience that of... Read More...
    Company : IQ Setter   Posted by : Avishek Mukherjee
  • 30 Dec


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