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MahaRERA to take support of their citizens to eliminate the defaulters.

27, Dec, 2018

MahaRERA also known as Maharashtra Real Estate Regularity Authority comes with a great initiative where they are asking citizens to be their informers. Well, don’t be suspicious, the step is actually going to benefit them only. Upon implementation of this move any aware citizens of Maharashtra can complain of any unregistered projects on the MahaRERA portal without spending any money.

We all know any project or Act started by the government can only be a success when their citizens work along with it. Real Estate Industry is no different to others. Albeit, RERA has been impactful to eliminate the defaulter from the trusted developers, still one can’t deny the loopholes associated with it.  The good thing is RERA, is working on it and the authority has been checking all the possible ways to make it 100% effective.  The recent circular is one such example where citizens of Maharashtra will join hands with the MahaRERA to bring down the unregistered developers.

The entire process of registering a complaint has been kept simplified so that as many numbers of defaulters can be filtered out. Let’s see how the whole process works.

  • First, the alert citizen simply needs to access the MahaRERA portal. Next, the respective informer will have to submit the details of the project under the non-registration tab.
  • There is no need to fill in complainer name or any other details like address, email-id, etc. It only required a running mobile number which will be verified through OTP.
  • Next, the authority will verify the complaint which involves appointing a technical officer.
  • Upon verifying the authenticity of the complaint the complainant has to pay a minimal charge of just Rs 5,000.
  • The technical officer will gather all the necessary information and if found required proof of illegality a hearing will be arranged between both the parties i.e. the complainant and the developer.

With more than 18,000 applications and 17,000 registered real estate agents it has already been a successful move from MahaRERA. This is why to facilitate the campaign the authority also thinking of starting a central email-id where citizens of Maharashtra can directly inform about such projects.


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